Funding for Services                      



Vista Behavior Consulting is a certified non-public agency that vendors with regional centers and districts to provide services to children, families, schools.  Families can request that the school district contract with Vista Behavior Consulting or they can request services from their regional center.  Vista currently does not provide private services to families nor do Vista staff ever work privately for families.

School District Contracts
School districts are responsible for providing services to children over the age of three.  To secure a contract from a school district, a family should request an individualized education plan (I.E.P.) meeting to establish the student's need for a program.  Vista currently has contracts with several school districts in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. 

Regional Center Contracts
Regional centers are responsible for providing intensive services to students under the age of three and additional support services over the age of three.  Families should request services from their regional center in writing and should remain in close contact with their regional center to avoid delays in authorization of services.