Applied Behavior Analysis is a science of validated behavior change procedures aimed at improving socially significant behaviors.  Interventions that have been shown to be effective are those that produce socially significant and durable changes in behavior.  The general philosophy of Vista Behavior Consulting is to view each child as an individual.  The staff at Vista make an effort to thoroughly review the child, their environment, and the systems in which they function daily.  This is also known as the eco-behavioral approach.  We believe it is critical to observe the child and their skills and deficits in several environments.  Then our staff work with the family and school team to create a comprehensive individualized program that addresses the child's behavioral deficits by building strengths and resources for the child.   We stress the importance of maximizing a child's potential through the use of validated interventions, designing an individualized program, collecting data to evaluate progress, modifying interventions based on a review of the data, and conducting interventions in natural settings.   We also focus on involving parents, teachers, and the child's community in the intervention program.  Vista Behavior Consulting is an active proponent of full inclusion and when possible conducts interventions in schools where children can learn with and from their typically developing peers.  Vista Behavior Consulting is active in the field of behavior analysis and developmental disabilities, and Dr. Huynen has several publications in the area.  Dr Huynen and her staff remain current on publications in the area of applied behavior analysis.  The staff are trained to utilize research-based interventions such as discrete trial training, pivotal response training, incidental teaching, functional communication training, positive behavior support, planned activities training, and others.